At UNC Wilmington, I teach GGY 140 Intro to Human Geography, GGY 333 Applied Climatology, GGY 340 Global Change, GGY 383 Geography of the Caribbean, GGY 420 Global Climate Change, and GGY 433 Weather Analysis and Forecasting . These classes supports degrees and minors in geography, geology, oceanography, and marine science.  I am also active in leading graduate theses, undergraduate honors theses, and independent studies.  In short, my favorite teaching activity is involving students in research.   

If you are a student interested in becoming involved in research please feel free to contact me.


All course specific information is available to UNC Wilmington students through Blackboard.

UNC Wilmington students investigating an abandoned Haitian sailboat on San Salvador, Bahamas.


Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher of geography, I attempt to instill in students knowledge of place, regions, and landscapes and the physical and human processes that create and modify these geographic entities.  Further, I strive for students to understand that a comprehension of these geographic phenomena, requires a unique multi-disciplinary, spatially-oriented perspective of the world.   I believe a student that graduates with a geography degree from a university must not only be able to utilize this perspective, but must be able to effectively use it in critical thinking and analysis, and express and successfully communicate such a perspective to others. Thus, I try to incorporate three common themes into all of my classes: 1) active and problem based learning. 2) creativity, and 3) field research.  Not all three of these goals are attainable in one class but rather through a series of classes within a degree program.  However, I hope the students that do complete my classes come to a better understanding of how a creative problem solver with a solid knowledge of field research can be successful in their chosen career path.

Rob Romanowski, Marc Lithman, Matt Ball, and Dan Hillegass prepare location for weather station deployment on San Salvador (left), and Shaina Poore helps Doug Gamble and Scott Curtis deploy a rain gauge on a farm in Jamaica (right).


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