The Laboratory for Applied Climate Research (LACR)

Director: Dr. Douglas W. Gamble

Purpose: The primary objective of LACR is to involve students and university faculty in applied climatology field research of island and coastal environments. Through field research and frequent student-faculty interaction, an alternative to traditional classroom activities is offered, ultimately producing a unique, quality experiential learning environment.

Facilities: LACR is equipped with-state-of-the-art meteorological field equipment and computing facilities. The equipment includes Onset weather stations, gauges, temperature and pressure sensors, and data. To supplement data collected with this equipment, LACR also houses an extensive climate data library, including special collections of Caribbean climate data and tropical cave climate data. Computing resources associated with the laboratory include software for statistical, meteorological, GIS, and remote sensing analysis.

If you are interested in becoming involved in LACR activities, please feel free to contact Dr. Gamble.

Field research on San Salvador, Bahamas.


Previous Research Assistants

Undergraduate: Justin Arnette, Adam Faircloth, Sarah Beth Jenkins, David Glenn, Jim Jacaruso, Ryan D. Jordan, Paul Pascarosa, Melanie Wemple, Chris Thompson, Marc Lithman, Matt Ball, Anthony Neri, Kathleen Yetka, Laura Yelverton, Dan Hillegass, Shaina Poore, Madeline Martin.


Graduate: Micheal Crump, Tim Metevelis, Brian Simpson, Rob Mitchell, Josh April, Will Weiland, Jessica Nester, Chris Roan.


Recent LACR Grants and Contracts:

Horn, S., C. Lane, and D.W. Gamble, 2017-2020. National Science Foundation, Geography and Spatial Science Program.  Developing a Network of n-Alkane Hydrogen Isotope Records in Costa Rica to Elucidate Drivers and Impacts of Holocene Droughts.    

Gamble, D.W., 2013-2015.  National Science Foundation, Geography and Spatial Science Program.  RUI:  Vulnerability and Resilience Among Small Farmers in Jamaica: An Assessment of Climate Change, Economic Stress, and the Role of Water Management Strategies.  Collaborative Submission with S. Curtis, and E.J. Popke, East Carolina University.

Shaina Poore, 2013.  Enhancing Undergraduate Research and Creativity Award, UNCW. Assessing the Impact of Drought on Jamaican Farmers.

Gamble, D.W., 2007-2010.  National Science Foundation, Geography and Regional Science Program and Climate and Long-term Dynamics Program .  RUI: Physical Mechanisms Behind the Caribbean Mid-summer Drought.  Collaborative Submission with S. Curtis, East Carolina University.

Gamble, D.W., 2007.  Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI), UNC Chapel Hill.  Brunswick County Flood Monitoring.

J. Herstine, D.W. Gamble, C. Dumas, M. Imperial, and S. Meinhold, 2006.  Mini-Grant, NC Sea Grant Program.  An assessment of public awareness of rip currents in New Hanover County, NC.

Douglas W. Gamble and Lynn Leonard, 2004-2005.  Contract, Coastal Services Center, National Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Coastal Climatology Products for Recreation and Tourism End-Users in Southeastern North Carolina. 

Brown, M.E., D.W. Gamble, D. Brommer, P.G. Dixon, and D.B. Parnell, 2004.  Quick Response Grant, Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center, University of Colorado. Field Evaluation of Hurricane Frances Damage to Water Resources, Karst Environments, Tourism Infrastructure, and Emergency Response of San Salvador Island, Bahamas. 




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