International Study Opportunities: Observing Animal Behavior           

Dr. Kate Bruce, Psychology Department & Director, Honors Scholars Program and Dr. Mark Galizio, Psychology Department, have studied animal behavior and natural history on six continents. Through the mechanism of  Honors Enrichment Seminars they provide students with the opportunity to learn about field observation of animals and to study behavior ecology in North Carolina and, in two recent courses, in Ecuador:

Spring 2002: Evolution and Animal Behavior in the Galapagos Islands

Spring 2004: From Cloudforest to Rainforest: Behavioral Ecology of the Neotropics




Magnificent Frigatebird


Dr. Bruce enjoys the view from the rainforest canopy.




The Seahawk banner waves proudly over the Galapagos Islands.


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Dr. Galizio with students in the Galapagos Islands


"That's why they call it a RAINFOREST!!!"


Close observation of animal behavior is sometimes possible in the Galapagos!