Marine Botany
seagrasses, macroalgae, and corals ('stony plants')



Michael J. Durako
The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Department of Biology and Marine Biology
Center for Marine Science


Dr. Durako's CV

Recent Publications

BIO340 - Plant Physiology - Example Syllabus   

BIO312 - Marine Botany - Example Syllabus & Lab Schedule

BIO495 - Light and Photosynthesis in the Sea, Senior Seminar

BIO575 - Taxonomy of Aquatic and Wetland Plants - Example Syllabus

BIO596 - Critique of Scientific Literature

Research Projects

Florida Bay
Fish-Habitat Assessment Program (FHAP)


 Summary of FHAP 


Changes in the Distribution and Density
 of Seagrasses and Macroalgae: 1995-2004

Movie of Thalassia testudinum: 1995-2004


Seagrass Die-Off Timeline: 1980's to 2001

Map of Florida Bay Seagrass Die-Off


Distribution and Physiological Ecology of the coral Siderastrea spp. in Florida Bay

 High Salinity, Nutrient and Multiple Stressor Effects Seagrass Communties of North Eastern Florida Bay.
Florida Atlantic University /South Florida Water Management District.

Summary of year 1 results.   


 Flavonoid Localization in the Leaf Tissues of Halophila johnsonii




Effects of Hurricanes on the Physiology, Distribution and Abundance  of the Endangered Seagrass, Halophila johnsonii UNCW/NOAA.









Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program
Bio-Optical Measurements in the Cape Fear River Plume and Onslow Bay

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Undergraduate Student Research/Directed Independent Study
Andrea Wimmers Studies on the effects of salinity fluctuation on the growth of Ruppia maritima.
Anna Prizzia, Macrophyte distribution and abundance in Florida Bay.
Amy Dixon, The effects of rapid salinity changes on Zostera marina L.
Jeanne Salmon, Changes in the shoot demography of Thalassia testudinum in Florida Bay.
Darin Crew, The effects of the herbicide 2,4 D on the survival and growth of Ruppia maritima and Myriophyllum spicatum.
Jason Greene, The effects of sediment type on the growth of Halophila johnsonii
Steve Van Sluyter, Vitis rotundifolia cv. berries show significantly less chitinase activity than berries from Vitis vinifera cvs. Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay

Lauren Thompson, Diel variation in fluorescence characteristics in Thalassia testudinum
Lily Sederstrom – Effects of salinity on photosynthesis and spectral reflectance of red mangroves.
Airell Swanson - Diel variation in PAM fluorescence in the mangrove Rhizophora mangle
Michael Lia - Advanced techniques for greenhouse management
Amanda Bolduc - Practices in greenhouse management
Jacob Stelling - Effects of mycorrhizae on the growth of Myriophyllum spicatum
Vivian Lee - Resilience to hyposalinity in the seagrasses Halophila johnsonii and Thalassia testudinum
Bobby Faircloth - Salinity and explant size effects on Ruppia maritima growth
Adam Edwards - Organogenesis and plantlet production in Tobacco



Graduate Students
Lesley Muphy, BIO
Jill Paxson, MBY
John Hackney, MBY
Ronnie Dean, MBY
Paula Whifield MSC
Jennifer Kunzelman MBY
Amanda Kahn MBY, Ph.D
Brooke Landry MSC
Robert York MBY
Elizabeth Belsche MBY
Kathryn Chartrand MBY
Nathan Gavin MBY
Nina Griffin MBY
Jackie Corbett MSC
Melissa Genazzio

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