Morning views of the Northeast Cape Fear River 


Some of the inhabitants of the Cape Fear River:  Marsh Swallows swarming over wetland vegetation, an alligator in algae,  a spider around the Black River, and a water moccasin at Fishing Creek


River Shacks built along the Cape Fear River       


Left: A technician cleans instrumentation     Right: View of Indian Creek Data Collection Platform


Left:  A view of Sutton Lake Power Plant                Right:  Data Collection Platform on Fishing Creek


Left:  Dead Cypress in an area near Rat Island                      Right:  Still morning near Prince George Creek


Left:  Still Morning rounding the bend to Prince George        Right:  Early morning near Fishing Creek


Left:  Maverick Raber hip deep in Fishing Creek           Right:  Dr. Hackney hip deep in the laboratory


Left:  Jason Hall surrounded at Prince George       Right:  Another strange encounter along the river


Left:  Robert Lomax downloads a piezometer        Right:  A view from below in Fishing Creek