Your TA e-mailed you a data set.  To get away from psychology for a week, you are testing cars.  The variables are: subject number, v1: Car Make (Toyota, Volvo, Ford, Honda, Chevrolet), v2: score on a crash test (the higher the score, the safer the car) , v3: maintenance rating (the higher the score, the less maintenance required, which is good), and V4: time it takes to get from 0-60 mph.  Your assignment is to:

(1)         Read in the data

(2)         Transform the data if necessary.

(3)         Determine if any of the car makes differ from each other on the dependent variables.

(4)         To settle the old debate (at least in the south or among NASCAR fans), we are hypothesizing that there will be differences between Ford and Chevy on all tests.

(5)         Determine WHICH car makes are different from each other using ALL of the post hoc tests described in class (run all of them on each test).

(6)         Write up a short results and discussion section in APA format and tell me what you found.