PSY 555 Homework 24


Chapter 13 #4,9,10,13,14


1.   Perform an ANOVA sweep on the data you created in question 13.


2.   A researcher decided to examine taste ratings of buffalo wings from three different restaurants (Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Chili’s) in order to ascertain which restaurant had the best wings.  In addition, the researcher examined whether the spiciness (hot or mild) of the wings influenced taste ratings. Perform an ANOVA sweep on the following data:

















(a). Are there any main effects or an interaction?  (Describe your findings).


(b). With an alpha of .10, what would your familywise error rate be if you compared the means of every group?


(c). Find the power for your main effects and interaction analyses, assuming MSE=500 and n=20 (there are equal n for all conditions).