Dress for Success Fashion Show


The Dress for Success Fashion Show is a business attire fashion show designed to teach students how to dress appropriately for interviews and workplace situations. The event features an informative skit produced by Studio TV students that ties into the event’s theme. Throughout the skit and fashion show, students learn the differences between business casual and business professional attire, as well as how to prepare for an interview, and how to create their personal image through everything they communicate--from the clothes they wear, how they act, choices they make, and what they say. The show helps students consider these issues, which involve development of freedom of thought, exchange of ideas, and personal growth.

The event helps the Communication Studies Society serve its mission to help students learn about the communication field and provide them with networking opportunities with peers and professionals in the field. The models represent various disciplines within the major, and the event coordinators gain experience working with a video production crew in order to produce the skit. This gives students the opportunity to branch out from their discipline of study and gain an appreciation of other aspects of the communication field. The event coordinators apply their public relations knowledge and skills to promote the event to various media outlets, while using their event planning skills to coordinate the logistics for the event. Because the event is held on COM Studies Day (and is open to the general public), students will have the opportunity to network with alumni, community leaders, and department “friends.” 


The fashion show helps students see that they can express their individuality and still be work appropriate.

--Mitchell Lee

Friday, March 24

12:15 pm

Warwick Center


Congratulations to

Farzona Usmanova


Seth Regan

on being named


Top COM Models!

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