MIT541 Colloquium II


Spring 2007  

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- Section 001

5:00 - 6:15 p.m. (R)

Dr. Sue-Jen Chen
337 Education Building
(910) 962-7920
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Course Description

Colloquium II examines issues, theory and practice guiding the field of instructional technology.  It is designed to help MIT students see the trends and issues of the field from the perspective of practitioners and to provide opportunities for students to communicate with people and workplace in the real world. This course will also provide professional development workshops when needs arise. Students will engage in reviewing issues, identifying trends, debating theory application, and developing researchable questions.

Course Goals

The goals of the course are for students to:

  1. Become aware of current trends and issues in the field of instructional technology. 

  2. Identify  knowledge, skills and competencies required for instructional technologists.

  3. Recognize instructional technologists' roles and responsibilities in different settings such as public schools, business & industry, military, and higher education. 

  4. Develop ideas and researchable questions. 

  5. Make connections with the practitioners in the field.

  6. Gain concrete concepts about working in the world of instructional technology.



Prepare two single spaced 3-page reports describing the particular presentations that interest you the most. Submit the reports to the instructor on the due date prior to the start of the class. In the report, you should: 

  • Summarize the main points made during the presentation. 

  • Indicate the value of the presentations and explain why. Focus upon the new knowledge or information that was imparted to you and/or your fellow students. 

  • List questions/ideas that you generated as a result of the presentation and explain how they could direct your future work and your program of study. 

Grading Criteria:

(30%) Points summarized demonstrate thorough understanding of information presented by guest speakers

(30%) Questions/ideas generated reflect analytical and critical thinking process

(30%) Claim and points made are well justified and supported

(10%) Writing quality

Course Requirements and Policies

Students enrolled in this course are expected to:

  1. Attend all scheduled presentations, and to arrive at each session on time. Participate in the class discussions and learning activities.

  2. Complete the assigned training and projects.

  3. More than ONE class missed without legitimate justification will result in a lowering one letter grade, e.g. from A to B, from your final course grade.

  4. Late turning in the assignment will result in a 10% deduction from that assignment grade each day after the due.

  5. Special needs: If you have a need for special accommodation to fulfill class requirements and succeed in this class, contact me before the second class meet by phone, e-mail, or in person. Your special need may be related to physical or learning disabilities, lacking prerequisite knowledge and skills for the course. In case of unexpected personal event occurred to you during the semester, see me as soon as possible.

  6. Plagiarism is a serious academic dishonesty offense and can result in a serious consequence. All full or part-time students enrolled at the University of North Carolina Wilmington are subject to the Academic Honor Code. Please be sure to read the details at

  7. UNCW practice a zero-tolerance policy for violence and harassment of any kind. For emergencies, contact UNCW CARE at 962-2273, Campus Police at 962-3184, or Wilmington Police at 911. For university or community resources, visit



The course grade consists of three components:  attendance (30%), participation (20%), assignments (50%).


Letter Grade



93 and above

A -

90 - 92


86 - 89


83 - 86


80 - 83


76 - 79


73 - 76


70 - 73



All class sessions will be held in the MIT lab ED337  unless otherwise indicated by a red asterisk (*) on the schedule below. 

Week Date Topic Presenter/Assignment
1 1-11

Introduction to The Course

Skillport Training

Dr. Sue-Jen Chen

MIT faculty



 Package yourself for the job market  Ms. Diane Reed
 Career Services



 Why Geeks Should Take Art

 Mr. Michel Fougeres




 Visual Design Principles for The Web

 Mr. Irvine, Ned

 Art & Art History



 A National Perspective of K-12

 Online Learning

 Ms. Susan Patrick

 North American Council for Online   Learning, NACOL



 Computer networks and security

 Dr. Thomas Hudson 
 Department of Computer Science

 ! Report 1 due



Interact Technology Showcase

and Wilmington Area IT Mixer

MediaSite Demo

Computer Information Systems Bldg

ITSD, Cameron School of Business.

Ms. Patricia McQuiston



Artificial intelligence: Examples and Applications of Biologically Inspired Computational Model

 Dr. Gene Tagliarini 

 Department of Computer Science



Wrapping Up The Class

Sue-Jen Chen

MIT faculty

! Report 2 due

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