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Journal Publications


1.  Qijun Fang, Walter W. Piegorsch, Susan J. Simmons, Xiaosong Li, Cuixian Chen and Yishi Wang. Bayesian Model-Averaged Benchmark Dose Analysis Via Reparameterized Quantal-Response Models. Biometrics. 71(4):1168-75, 2015.




2.  Simmons SJ, Chen C, Li X, Wang Y, Piegorsch WW, Fang Q, Hu B, Dunn GE. Bayesian model averaging for benchmark dose estimation. Environmental and Ecological Statistics. 10.1007/s10651-014-0285-4. 2014.



3.  Midori Albert, Cuixian Chen, Yishi Wang, Yaw Chang. Developing Eyebrow Shape as a Biometric Indicator in Identity Sciences using Functional Data Analysis. International Journal of Biometrics. 2014 Vol.6, No.2. Pages166 – 179.


4.  G. Buddhika Makumburage, H. Lee Richbourg, Andrew Capps, Kalindi LaTorre, Cuixian Chen, and Ann E. Stapleton. Genotype to Phenotype Maps: Multiple Input Abiotic Signals Combine To Produce Growth Effects via Attenuating Signaling Interactions in Maize. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics Mission. 2013. Early Online October 18, 2013, doi:10.1534/g3.113.008573G3.



5.  Yaw Chang, Yishi Wang, Cuixian Chen, and Karl Ricanek. Improved Image-based Automatic Gender Classification by Feature Selection. Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research. 2011, 1(3), pages: 241-253.


6. Yishi Wang, Cuixian Chen, Fanhui Kong. Variance Estimation of the Buckley-James Estimator under Discrete Assumptions. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation. (2011) Vol. 81, Issue 4, pages: 481-496.

7. Qiqing Yu, Cuixian Chen,  G. Y. C. Wong. The GMLE based Buckley-James estimator with modified case-cohort data. Metrika. (2010), 72: pages 433-464.

8.   Cuixian Chen. Asymptotic distributions of BJE in linear regression models with mixed interval-censored data. International Journal of Statistics and Management Systems. 1 (2006), No. 1-2. Pages 104-119.

9.   Runjie Zhang, Qiang Zhou, Cuixian Chen, Shousong Wang. Application of ordinary Kriging method in entomologic ecology (2003). Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, 14(1), pages 90-92.


10.Cuixian Chen. Optimal Development of Two Species for Volterra System. Journal of the Graduates (Natural Science) of Sun Yatsen University. 2000 (1). Pages 1-7.

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