Details of the Borda Count Method

Theapplet in this section illustrates the Borda Count method by generating random preference schedules and showing the details of how candidate A's points are computed.

Recall that for each ballot type, you first find A's position on the ballot. The number of points for first place is equal to the number of candidates, second place is worth one less point, etc. So last place is worth one point.

For example, suppose there are four candidates, and on the first ballot type A is second from the top. This position is worth three points. If there are eight ballots of this type, then A receives 3x8 = 24 points from those eight ballots. Do the same calculation for all the ballot types and add the results.

The Borda Count applet below uses a random preference schedule. The schedule is not taken from the Control Panel. the calculation of A's point total is shown in the box at the bottom. Clicking the New Schedule button generates a new random schedule and updates A's point calculation.

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