CSC 112-001:  Introduction to Computer Programming - Python


Spring 2019


Class Times:         MWF 2:00 – 2:50



Instructor: Ralph L. Bradley II    Office: Bear 249   Phone: 962-4260


Home Page: http:/  E-Mail:


Required Text: “Starting Out With Python”, Third Edition, by Tony Gaddis.  Second Edition is also acceptable.


Schedule:  Click here to see the course schedule.


How to Download Python:

1.    Go to

2.      Select version 3.6

3.      Add python to Path Variables (See Appendix A in text for instructions)


Office Hours:       M 9-10, 12-1 and 3-4

                             W 10-11, 12-1, and 3-4 

                             F 12-1

                             and by appointment

Special Needs:

If you have a disability and need reasonable accommodation in this course, you should inform the instructor of this fact in writing within the first week of class or as soon as possible.  If you have not already done so, you must register with the Office of Disability Services in Westside Hall (ext. 3746) and obtain a copy of your Accommodation Letter.  You should then meet with your instructor to make mutually agreeable arrangements based on the recommendations of the Accommodation Letter.


Course Definition:

Prerequisite: MAT 111 or 115. An introduction to programming in a high-level language for non-majors. Algorithms, computer systems, data representation, survey of computer applications, elementary programming techniques, debugging and verification of programs. The language to be used is Python 3.x. May be repeated once for credit under a different subtitle.


Honor Code:

It is the responsibility of every student to uphold and maintain the UNCW Academic Honor Code (see Section V of your Student Handbook). 


Required Text:   Starting Out With Python – Fourth Edition, by Tony Gaddis (Earlier Editions may suffice.)


Supplemental Material:  Computer Science Circles -The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing 

·         Go to:

·         Create an account, then go to "Edit My Profile" in the user menu at top right, and set the guru to be bradleyr so I can give you credit for your homework and feedback on your progress.



·         You will attend each class.

·         You will take an active role in your learning of the material.

·         You will acquire missed work from another student.

·         You will submit assignments on time.



·         Tests (20%)

There will be two tests.  No makeups unless previously approved.

·         Final Exam (35%)

If the grade on your Final Exam is higher than one of the tests, the Final will be counted twice and the lowest test grade will not count- as long as neither of the test grades is a zero.


·         Homework/Pop Quizzes (5%)


·         Labs (20%)
In your labs you will complete structured hands-on programming activities that complement previous lectures. All lab activities must be completed during your lab period for full credit. No make-ups will be given. During labs, you will be able to use books, notes, classmates, and the instructor for help.  Your two lowest lab scores will be dropped. This provides flexibility to cover emergency situations and illness when you can't attend and bad days when you are there. You are expected to stay for the entire lab session. 


·         Programs (20%)
You will have up to two weeks to complete each assigned program. Programs are due by the end of the day on the due date. You may be expected to demonstrate your program for the instructor and answer questions about it. 


Course Grade -  

Grades will be based on the following scale:

  93-100 A
            90-92 A-
            87-89 B+
            83-86 B
            80-82 B-
            77-79 C+
            73-76 C
            70-72 C-
            67-69 D+
            63-66 D
            60-62 D-
            0-59 F