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STT 305 Course Info


Statistics (STT) 305--Fall 2017
Instructor: Jim Blum Office: OS 1001A
Office Hours: M-F 10:00-11:00 Phone: 962-3290
Course Meeting Times: MWF 1:00-1:50, OS 2014 E-Mail:
Recommended Texts:
SAS Certification Prep Guide: Base Programming (ISBN: 1-59047-335-3)
The Little SAS Book
Homework/Quizzes 50%
Mid-Term Exam 25%
Final Exam 25%
Course Topics:
SAS/Windows environment
SAS data sets
Summarizing data
Report creation
Statistical Tests
Understanding the SAS data step as:
A means of reading data non-native to SAS
A tool for combining data tables in various ways
An environment for modifying, cleaning and manipulating data tables
Building reports using SAS tools that:
Allow for a variety of row or column structures
Produce appropriate summaries as part of the reporting process
Use effective stylings to enhance readability and appeal
Are deliverable to a variety of cross-platform formats
Creating charts, graphs and other visualizations using SAS tools with:
An understanding of the specific utilities of varying graph types
The ability to control all aspects of detail and style to enhance usability
Effective use of stylings to enhance readability and appeal
Proper determination of mixing of types in overlays and/or panels
Important Dates
Aug 23 Last day to drop (with no grade) or add a class
Sep 4 Labor Day (Holiday)
Oct 5&6 Fall Break (No Classes)
Oct 9 Last day to withdraw with a W--undergraduate students
Nov 9 Last day to withdraw with a W--graduate students
Nov 30 Last day of class
Dec 1 Reading Day
Dec 5 Final exam for STT 305, 11:30-2:30
Internet Use: Though this course meets in a computer lab, it is not a course in net surfing or e-mail checking. Unauthorized internet use during class time may lead to significant penalties
Academic Honor Code: This course will adhere to the academic honor code of The University of North Carolina at Wilmington. No form of dishonesty, such as cheating, stealing, plagiarism, etc., will be tolerated. For further details see the 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog and the Code of Student Life.
Disability Services: The University of North Carolina at Wilmington has devoted much energy to meeting the requirements of Section 504, Federal Rehabilitation Act and to the Americans with Disability Act. If you feel you need assistance or accommodations to ensure equal opportunity in pursuing your educational goals, please contact Disability Services, x-3746.
UNCW practices a zero tolerance policy for any kind of violent or harassing behavior. If you are experiencing an emergency of this type contact the police at 911 or UNCW CARE at 962-2273. Resources for individuals concerned with a violent or harassing situation can be located at

Power Point and Sample Code

Introductory Concepts

Introduction to the SAS System
Demonstration Code 1
Sample Code from 8-18
SAS Programming Basics
Demonstration Code 2
Sample Code from 8-21
Sample Code from 8-23
Code for Exercise Solutions
SAS Formats
Sample Code with Exercise Solutions
Procedures for Summarizing Data
Sample Code for PROC FREQ
Sample Code for ODS Output

Data Step

Introduction to the Data Step
Sample Code with Exercise Solutions
Conditional logic in the Data Step
Sample Code with Exercise Solutions
Reading data from text files using the Data Step
Sample Code with Exercise Solutions

The Report Procedure

Fundamentals of PROC REPORT
Sample Code
Code for Exercise Solutions
Using Across Variables in PROC REPORT
Sample Code with Exercise Solutions
Styles and ODS with PROC REPORT
Sample Code with Exercise Solutions

Graphs and Charts

Fundamentals of SGPLOT
Sample Code with Exercise Solutions
Bar Charts with SGPLOT
Sample Code
Code for Exercise Solutions
Scatterplots with SGPLOT
Sample Code
Sample Code

Extra Graph and Chart Work

High-Low Plots in SGPLOT
Curves and Splines in SGPLOT
Exercises can be submitted for extra homework points. Must be complete by 11/14

Maps With the Polygon Statement

Sample Code

More Data Step

Controlling Output in the Data Step
Sample Code
Code for Exercise Solutions
Combining Data Sets in the Data Step
Code for Concatenation
Code for Merging
Data Step Practice Problems
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