Frederick Bingham Curriculum Vitae

Center for Marine Science

Department of Physics & Physical Oceanography

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

601 S. College Rd.

Wilmington, NC 28403-5928

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B.A. in Physics, Oberlin College


Ph.D. in Oceanography

University of California, San Diego


Masters of Science, Computer Science and Information Systems

University of North Carolina Wilmington



Foreign Postdoctoral Fellow

Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan


Assistant Researcher

University of Hawaii at Manoa


Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

University of North Carolina at Wilmington


Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography

University of North Carolina at Wilmington


Visiting Associate Professor

Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan



Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Professional Affiliations

American Geophysical Union, The Oceanography Society, Oceanographic Society of Japan; European Geosciences Union


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Grant Funding

Satellite Sea Surface Salinity Sampling Error. NASA Ocean Salinity Science Team. PI Severine Fournier, NASA/JPL, August 2019. $155,028 

S-MODE Participation, submitted March 2019. From NASA AMES. $254,994.

SPURS-IS Supplement. From Jet Propulsion Laboratory. $38,000.

Subfootprint Variance and Surface Salinity Extreme Values as Indicators of Air-sea Interaction. NASA Ocean Salinity Science Team. Co-investigator: Oksana Chkrebtii, Ohio State University. $373,167

Salinity Stratification in the Eastern Tropical Pacific and its Influence on Air-sea Interaction. Submitted to NASA SPURS-2 Synthesis, May 2018. PI: Janet Sprintall. Proposal was submitted from UC San Diego and no funds were requested for UNCW.

Multi-scale Data Assimilation, Forecasting and Modeling in Support of SPURS-2. From NASA. Co-Is Z. Li and P. Li, NASA JPL. $100,500.

The SPURS-2 Information System (SPURS-IS). From NASA. Co-I's, Z. Li and P. Li, NASA JPL. $426,892.

SPURS Field Campaign Analysis Phase. From NASA. PI: T. Farrar (WHOI). $50,000 (UNCW portion). 1/1/2014-6/30/2015.

The SPURS Data Management System. From NASA. Co-Is, Yi Chao and Peggy Li, NASA JPL. $342,042. 1/1/2011 – 12/31/2014.

Statistical Evaluation of Sea Surface Salinity from Aquarius. From NASA. Co-I, Montserrat Fuentes, NCSU. $210918. 10/1/2009 – 9/30/2012.

SE Atlantic Marine Monitoring and Prediction Center: 2002 Coastal Ocean Rsearch and Monitoring Program. From NOAA. Multiple co-I's. 920,900. 2002-2003.

SE Atlantic Marine Monitoring and Prediction Center: 2001 Coastal Ocean Rsearch and Monitoring Program. From NOAA. Multiple co-I's. 925,000. 2001-2002.

Coastal Ocean Monitoring in the South Atlantic Bight. From NOAA. Multiple co-I's. $730,000. 1999-2000.

Coupling of Gulf Stream Water Intrusions with Postlarval Settlement of Snapper-Grouper and Lobster at a Midshelf Reef, Onslow Bay, NC. From NURP/NOAA. Co-I David Lindquist, UNCW. $27997. 2000.

Short-term Invitation Fellowship. From Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, for travel and subsistence during fellowship. 1999.

Water Mass Variations in the Western Equatorial Pacific. From NSF for $113,000. 1994-1996.

The Cape Hatteras Gulf Stream Front as an Aggregator of the Pelagic Stages of Tuna and Mackerel: Sampling with Light-traps Across the Frontal Zone. From NOAA/NURP for $2500. 1996.

Coupling of Gulf Stream Intrusions and Spring-summer Arrival of Presettlement Stages of Snapper-Grouper Complex Species at a Midshelf reef, Southern Onslow Bay, North Carolina. From NOAA/CIFO for $24,961. 1995-1996.

The Structure and Dynamics of the Current Systems North of the Hawaiian Ridge. From NSF for $229,000. Co-I Bo Qiu, U. Hawaii. 1994-1997.

The Hawaii Ocean Time-series: WOCE Component. From NSF for $1,690,674. Co-I Roger Lukas, U. Hawaii. 1994-1997.