The Video as Composition Project: MySpace/Facebook, the Teaching of Writing, and the Problem of Fair use



New Media Writing and Video Composition

Camtasia Studio (Onscreen Video Tutorial Assignment)
Trial Version of Camtasia Studio

Intellectual Property Rights/Fair Use

Promoting Innovation and Competition

(University of Texas) Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials

CCCC Statement on the Multiple Uses of Writing

CCCC Developments in Fair Use and Intellectual Property


Writing New Media: Theory and Applications for Expanding the Teaching of Composition


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Data from the CCCC-Sponsored "Survey of Multimodal Pedagogies in Writing Programs"
Excellent data that defines Multimodality

YouTubes (links subject to disappear for no reason or warning)

Facebook Infomercial Parody

The Facebook Skit

Facebook Song

Stanford Facebook Class on NBC11

Facebook Move On Privacy Controversy


The Truth About Facebook

MySpace Suicide: The Megan Meier Story

UPDATE on myspace hoax that pushed Megan Meier to suicide

Tina Meier talks about myspace hoax that killed Megan

Cyber vigilantes attack for Megan Meier!







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