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Beth Oyarzun

Beth Allred Oyarzun
Instructional Designer/Lecturer

(910) 962-2417

Mrs. Beth Oyarzun is a nine year veteran mathematics teacher who earned her national board certification in 2001. She joined UNCW in the Watson College of Education in 2005 as one of the two Emerging Technology Liaisons, working on faculty development, teaching in the undergraduate programs and serving their outreach efforts. She migrated to the eLearning office in May of 2010 to support all UNCW faculty in their online learning endeavors. Beth is a UNCW graduate in mathematics and received her MS in the Instructional Technology program. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology from Old Dominion University.

Select Presentations and Publications

Anderson, S., Oyarzun, B. (2013). Multi-modal Professional Development for Faculty.  In Keengwe, J., & Kyei-Blankson, L. (2013). Virtual Mentoring for Teachers: Online ProfessionalDevelopment Practices (pp. 1-383). doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-1963-0

Oyarzun, B., Anderson, S. (July, 2012). Blackboard, Moodle, Edmodo? What? – Learning Management System Basics. Workshop presented at the Global Learning Technologies Conference, Wilmington, NC.

Oyarzun, B. (October, 2011) Instructional Modeling in Online Courses. Presented at the Association for Educational Communications and Technology Conference, Jacksonville, FL.

Anderson, S., Allred, B., Gonzalez, P. (July, 2011) Engaging your Synchronous Class from a Student’s Perspective.  Presented at the Blackboard Collaborate Connections Summit.  Las Vegas, Nevada.

Martin, F., & Parker, M.A, & Allred, B. (2010, October). Adoption of Virtual Classrooms for Online Courses in Higher Education. Presented at Associationof Educational Communications and Technology Conference, Anaheim, CA.

Allred B. (March, 2009) Social Networking: Meeting Beginning Teachers on their Turf. Presented at the North Carolina Mentoring 21st Century Educators Conference. Wilmington, NC.

Allred, B., Anderson, S., Mcquiston, P. (March, 2008).  21st Century Mentoring - Using Technology to EnhanceMentoring Strategies. Invited Keynote Speaker of theNorth Carolina Mentoring 21st Century Educators Conference. Wilmington, NC