Grace M. Burton
  School of Education
 University of North Carolina at Wilmington


1973     Ph.D.      The University of Connecticut
                              Elementary Education/Mathematics Education
                              Major Advisor:  Vincent J. Glennon
                              Thesis: Variations in the Ontogeny of Linear Patterns Among Young Children

1968     M.A.         The University of Connecticut
                               Mathematics Education

1960     B.A.         Annhurst College
                               Major:  Mathematics
                               Minors:  English, Education, Social Studies


1996-Present      Chair, Department of Curricular Studies
1986-Present      Professor
1980-1986          Associate Professor
1977-1980          Assistant Professor
                              School of Education
                              University of North Carolina at Wilmington

1975-1977          Associate Director, Sex Discrimination Specialist, and Newsletter Editor
                              Title IV General Assistance Center
                               Weber State College
                               Ogden, Utah

1974-1975          Assistant Professor
                              Department of Early Childhood/Elementary Education
                              The University of Maryland
                              College Park, Maryland

1973-1974          Assistant Professor and Mathematics Specialist
                              Eastern Connecticut State College and
                              F. R. Noble Laboratory School
                              Willimantic, Connecticut

1971-1973          Lecturer in Education
                              The University of Connecticut
                              Storrs, Connecticut

1968-1971          Lecturer in Mathematics
                               Annhurst College
                               Woodstock, Connecticut

1964-1966          Substitute Teacher and Title I Teacher
                               Griswold Public and Parochial Schools
                               Jewett City, Connecticut

1961-1962          Teacher of Mathematics, English and Speech
                               Ursuline Academy
                               Dallas, Texas

1960-1961          Teacher of Mathematics
                               Putnam High School
                               Putnam, Connecticut



1965 -              National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
1977-90          School Science and Mathematics Association
1977 -              North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematic
                         Vice President for Colleges (Eastern Region), 1985-87
1977 -99          Research Council for Diagnostic and Prescriptive Mathematics
                          Nominating Committee, 1977-78; 1983-84; Chair, 1988-89, 91-92
                          Membership Chair, 1978-80
                          Publications Committee, 1980-82
                          Newsletter Editor, 1981-85
                          Presidential Commission, 1983-85
                          Vice President for Publications, 1985-87
                          President-Elect, President, Past President, 1989-92
                          Editorial Board, 1992-98
1978-90           National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics


1960 (Elected)     Delta Epsilon Sigma
1973 (Elected)     Phi Kappa Phi (Charter Member, UNCW Chapter)
1975 (Elected)     Phi Delta Kappa (Organizing Member, UNCW Chapter)


Invited participant, First National Conference on Non-Sexist Early Childhood Education, October 10-12, 1976.
Invited participant, National Seminar for Educational Leaders, Washington, D.C., March 24-25, 1977.
Invited participant, Conference on Sex-Fair Teacher Training, Charlotte, NC, October 26-28, 1977, and April 21-22, 1978.
Invited participant, Elementary Science Awareness Conference, January 18-19, 1979.
Member, Planning Team for Early Childhood, Language in Mathematics and Elementary School Sessions, ICME5, 1984.
Delegate, US-China People's Friendship Association Study Group on Mathematics Education, August 1-20, 1984.
 Invited participant, Families and Learning Conference, Nashville, TN, June 25, 1997; Families and Health Conference, Nashville, TN June 22-23, 1998.


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A.     Referee:      The Arithmetic Teacher/Teaching Children Mathematics (Since 1975)
                            The Mathematics Teacher (Since 1978)
                            Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (Since 1979)
                            School Science and Mathematics (Since 1981)
                            Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics (Since 1984)
                            Childhood Education (1987-1995)
                            Advancing the Consumer Interest (1990-1994)
                            Mathematics For the Middle Grades (Since 1994)
                               NCTM Educational Materials Committee (Since 1994)
                               NSF-Teacher Materials Project (Since 1998)

B.     Book Review Editor: Arithmetic Teacher, 1988-1990.

C.     Presentations and Consultancies (Since 1976)

"What Title IX Requires of the Administrator," Colorado Springs, Colorado, January 24, 1977.
"Implementing a Sex-Fair Curriculum," Colorado Springs, Colorado, January 25, 1977.
"Funding Sources for Sex-Fair Education," University of Northern Colorado Mid-winter Conference, Greeley, Colorado, January 28, 1977.
"Providing a Sex-Fair Environment," University of Utah Nursery School Parent Association, Salt Lake City, February 2, 1977.
 Guest Lecturer:  "Math Curriculum in the Nursery School," Department of Continuing Education, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Feb. 17, 1977.
"Games in the Elementary Math Curriculum," Utah Council of Teachers of Mathematics, March, 5, 1977.
"Masculine, Feminine or Human? The Role of the Teacher," Davis County Schools, Utah, March 9, 1977.
"Complying with Title IX," Provo City Schools, Provo, Utah, March - April, 1977.
"Title IX and the Administrator," Statewide meeting of Superintendents, Cheyenne, Wyoming, April 28, 1977.
Moderator:  Women in Educational Administration Conference, Helena, Montana, April 29-30, 1977.
"Involving Parents in Educational Decision-Making," Alamosa, Colorado, May 11-12, 1977.
"Mathematics for All Children," University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, May 25-26, 1977.
"Planning a Diagnostic Program in Mathematics," Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 13-14, 1977.
"Title IX," IWY Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, June 25, 1977.
"A Baker's Dozen of Place Value Ideas," NCTM Regional Meeting, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, November 5, 1977.
Member, State Accreditation Team for Pembroke State University, Pembroke, North Carolina, November 9-11, 1977.
Invited Participant and Group Facilitator:  Seminar on Math Anxiety, North Carolina SDPI Conference, January 24-25, 1978.
"Why Susie Can't--or Doesn't Want To--Add," NCTM 56th Annual Meeting, San Diego, California, April 14, 1978.
Consultant:  Women's Educational Equity Act Project on Sex Bias in Mathematics, August, 1978.
UNCW Faculty Breakfast presentations:
     "Math Anxiety" (November 17, 1977)
     "Clarifying Values in College Classrooms" (March 30, 1978)
     "Chisanbop" (October 26, 1978)
     "A History of Mathematics Education" (March 22, 1979)
     "Teaching for Concept Learning" (April 7, 1982)
"Peas, Particles and Predictions," NCTM Regional Meeting, Richmond, Virginia, November 2, 1978.
"Getting Comfortable with Mathematics," NCTM Regional Meeting, Richmond, Virginia, November 3, 1978.
"Providing Training in Understanding Math Anxiety," Region VIII General Assistance Center Staff, Ogden, Utah, January 4-5, 1979.
"Implementing the COMP Program," a series of three 5-hour workshops for Pender County teachers and aides, 1978-1979.
"Mathematics Readiness," UNCW Title XX Day Care Workshop, February 6, 1979.
"Sex-Fair Education," UNCW SNCAE meeting, February 17, 1979.
"First Aid for Math Anxiety," NCTM Western Regional Workshop, Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, March 16, 1979.
Math Workshop for teachers of migrant children, Williamston, North Carolina, March 20-21, 1979.
"Math Anxiety:  A Curable Condition," NCTM 57th Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, April, 18, 1979.
"Focusing on the Affective:  Strategies for a Methods Course," RCDPM Annual Meeting, Tampa, Florida, April 23, 1979.
 The Sea in the Classroom, a 3-day workshop for middle-grade teachers on developing and using thematic units.  (With Hathia Hayes and members of the English Department at UNCW) May 17-19, 1979.
Contributions to RCDPM publication:  Annotated Bibliography Relating to  Diagnostic Teaching, Fall, 1979.
 "Pioneering as Risk-taking," a non-traditional careers workshop, New Hanover County Schools, April 27, 1979 and November 12, 1979.
Consultant:  Awareness Associates, Lafayette, Colorado, reviewing material on sex-fair education, 1978-1979.
 Guest lecturer on sex role development, College of Liberal Education, The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, July 26, and 30, 1979.
"Helping the Child Learn Number Facts and Concepts," Cape Fear Voluntary Action Center Workshop, October 4, 1979.
"Helping Children in the COMP Program," Burgaw Elementary School Volunteers, October 10, 1979.
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Math Workshop on Preschool Mathematics, New Hanover County Day Care Association, March 6, 1980.
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"Facilitating Sex-Fair Teacher Training in the Math Methods Course," NCTM 58th Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington, April 17, 1980.
Guest Lecturer:  Education and the Law. College of Liberal Education, The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, August 4, 1980.
 "Towards a Good Beginning," day-long workshop for New Hanover County Primary Grade Teachers, Wilmington, North Carolina, May 16, 1980.
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"Beans, Beads, and Buttons," Workshop for New Hanover County Volunteer Tutors, October 8, 1981.
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 "But I Don't Have A Math Anxiety Clinic!" Twelfth Annual Frostburg State College Mathematics Symposium, Frostburg, Maryland, November 5, 1981.
 "Three Faces of Math Anxiety:  Coping, Defending, and Conquering,"Twelfth Annual Frostburg State College Mathematics Symposium, Frostburg, Maryland, November 6, 1981.
"Patterns in the Primary Grades," Tidewater Council of Teacher of Mathematics, Norfolk, Virginia, February 4, 1982.
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"Women in Math and Science:  Why So Few?" First UNCW Celebration of Women's History Week, March 3, 1982.
 "Epistemological Influences on Mathematics Education,"  Research Presentation AERA/SIG, Toronto, Canada, April 14, 1982.
 (with J. Dan Knifong)
"Bread or Roses? Butterflies or Bonzai Trees?" NCTM 60th Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, April 15, 1982.
Panel Member:  "Motivation." NCTM 60th Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, April 17, 1982.
"Providing for the Gifted Child:  An Alternative to 'Do Another Ten Problems," RCDPM Annual Meeting, Buffalo, New York, April 1982.
"Mathematical Adventures for Gifted Children," UNCW Special Programs April 30 and May 1, 1982.
 "Developing a Mathematics Program for Children," Mini-course for all staff members, Cape Fear Academy, Wilmington, North Carolina, August 30, September 1 and 3, 1982.
 "Beans, Buttons, and Beads:  Teaching Concepts Meaningfully," Annual Meeting of the School Science and Mathematics Association, DeKalb, Illinois, October 16, 1982.
"Seeing With the Mind's Eye," NCTM Regional Meeting, Raleigh, North Carolina, November 11, 1982.
Consultant:  Primary Mathematics Program, Topsail Primary School, Burgaw, North Carolina, January 19, and February 2, 1983.
"Using Values Clarification--How and Why," Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Association of Teacher Educators, March 25, 1983.
"Assessing Student Perception of Ideal and Actual Behavior," RCDPM Annual Meeting, Bowling Green, Ohio, April 10, 1983.
Moderator:  "Sex-Related Differences in Mathematics:  The State of the Art," AERA/SIG, Detroit, Michigan, April 13, 1983.
"What Shall We Do With the Gifted Children?" NCTM 61st Annual Meeting, Detroit, Michigan, April 15, 1983.
Member:  SACS Visiting Team for Whiteville City Schools, May 3-4, 1983.
Copy-editor:  1983 Monograph of the Research Council for Diagnostic and Prescriptive Mathematics.
Summer Institute for Region II 7th and 8th Grade Teachers of Mathematics, June 20- July 1, 1983.
"Problem-Solving at the Primary Level," Southeast Regional Education Center Mathematics Workday, August 25, 1983.
"Mini-Cost Maxi-Use Materials," NCCTM fall conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, October 7, 1983.
"Developing Concepts," UNCW Mathematics Seminar Series, October 24, 1983.
"Macaroni Math," NCTM Regional Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 9, 1983.
"Why Teach Metrics?" Fall conference, Mathematics Advancement Council of the Horry-Georgetown Area, November 17, 1983.
 Planned and implemented "Facilitating Innovative Mathematics Programs," a series of grants from New Hanover County, October 1983-June 1986.
"Meeting the Challenge of the Gifted Child in the Regular Classroom," NCTM Regional Meeting, Houston, Texas, March 7, 1984.
 Invited participant:  Conference on the Effects of Technology on School Mathematics, Sam Houston State University, Texas, March 9-10, 1984.
"Motivating Maximal Mathematics Learning," Annual Meeting RCDPM, San Francisco, California, April 30, 1984.
"Providing a Psychologically Healthy Classroom," NCTM 62nd Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California, April 30, 1984.
 "Mathematics, Science and Social Studies for the Young Child," (3 quarter-hour course) Cape Fear Technical Institute, June 5-
 August 1, 1984.
"Take a Bag of Beans," NCCTM Fall Conference, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, October 12, 1984.
State accreditation visitation team, Wrightsboro School, Wilmington, North Carolina, March 18-19, 1985.
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"Motivating Through Right-Brain Techniques," NCSM annual meeting, San Antonio, Texas, April 18, 1985.
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Member, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Visiting Team for Wake Forest University, April 27-29, 1985.
"Diagnosis in Mathematics," Whiteville City Schools Chapter I Staff, June 13, 1985.
Consultant for Holt, Rinehart and Winston's K-8 Mathematics, 1985-86.
"1,2,3,4,5, Math Will Come Alive," North Carolina Day Care Association, September 14, 1985.
 Georgia State Mathematics Conference, October 17-19, 1985.Keynote address:  "Providing a Climate for Mathematical Growth."
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"For Language Arts Lovers Only," NCTM Regional Meeting, Columbus, Ohio, December 5, 1985.
Series of three workshops on mathematics curriculum and instruction, St. Mary's School, Wilmington, North Carolina, Winter, 1986.
 Consultant:  McDuffie County Schools, Thompson, Georgia, January 8-10, July 14-16, August 8-10, 15-17, October 7-9, 1986, March 4-6, May 26-27, 1987.
Member, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Visitation Team for Southeastern College, Lakeland, Florida, March 2-5, 1986.
"Problem-Solving in Grades 3-6," Workshop requested by New Hanover County, January 28, 1986.
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Consultant: Increasing Female Participation in Mathematics, SUNY - Binghamton, Binghamton, NY, July 7-9, 1986.
Problem Solving Workshops (Grades K-3, 4-6), New Hanover County, August 25 and 26, 1986.
"Dealing with Classroom Stress," Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Tampa, Florida, October 17, 1986.
"Language Arts and Mathematics:  A Meaningful Connection," NCTM Regional Conference, Charleston, SC, November 13, 1986.
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"Managing Stress in Classroom and Clinic," RCDPM Annual Conference, Lake Arrowhead, CA, April 6, 1987.
Test Item Developer, Elementary Education/Mathematics, 1987 revision of the NTE, May, 1987.
Consultant:  Mathematics Division of Random House, Summer, 1987.
Facilitator, UNCW SMEC Meeting, May 20-21, 1987.
"Fun with Math," a workshop for high school students, July 15 and August 6, 1987.
"Problem-solving, Grades 4-6: A 10-hour workshop," Morehead City, NC, June 12-13, 1987; Whiteville City, June 18-19, 1987.
"Managing Classroom Stress," NCTM Regional Meeting, Halifax, Nova Scotia, August 21, 1987.
"Sure-fire Manipulatives for Grades 2 and 3," Brevard County, Florida, September 21, 1987.
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"Managing Stress in the Classroom," NCCTM Fall Conference, Winston-Salem, October 3, 1987.
"Teaching at-Risk Lessons During Observations," New Hanover County MTW Support group, November 30, 1987.
"Models for Multiplication," RCDPM Annual Conference, New Orleans, February 7, 1988.
"Manipulatives from the Marketplace," NCTM regional meeting, Atlanta, March 5, 1988.
"Beans, Beans, Beans...," Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Youngstown, Ohio, March 18, 1988.
"Using Manipulatives," a two-day workshop for Onslow County Teachers, March 7-8, 1988.
 Keynote Speaker:  Arkansas Leadership Conference, Hendersonville, AK, August 2, 1988.  Topic:  Meeting the Needs of Special Children.
"Using Manipulatives With Children in the Early Grades," Arkansas Leadership Conference, August 3, 1988.
"With a Song in My Heart," NCCTM fall meeting, Charlotte, NC, October 7, 1988.
 Consultant:  Project for the Improvement of High School Mathematics in Rural Settings.  Radford University, Radford, VA.  June 1988- 1989.  Day-long presentations to participants:  October 15, 1988 and November 11, 1989.
 Keynote Speaker:  Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual fall meeting, Rock Eagle, October 20, 1988.  Topic:  Making Connections.
"Singing Number Songs/Telling Number Stories," GCTM Conference, October 21, 1988.
 "Talking About Mathematics:  Some Ways to Encourage it in the Early Childhood Classroom," NCTM Regional Conference, St. Louis, MO, October 28, 1988.
"Teaching Problem Solving/Teaching Number Facts," Gregory School, Wilmington, NC, October 14, 1988 and January 19, 1989.
NCTM Representative to the AMS/MAA/NCTM/SIAM Joint Committee on Women in the Mathematical Sciences, 1987-1990.
Member:  NCSM Task Force on Curriculum and Instruction, 1988-1990.
"150 Years of Helping Children Learn to Multiply," NCTM regional meeting, Boston, December 2, 1988.
"Using Manipulatives," J.C. Roe School, Wilmington, NC, January 18, 1989.
"Implementing Research Findings," RCDPM Annual Conference, College Station, Texas, February 10, 1989.
"Teaching Mathematics, K-12," Catholic Schools Conference, Nassau, The Bahamas, February 16, 1989.
"Addition and Subtraction Without Tears," NCTM Regional Conference, San Jose, California, February 23, 1989.
"Action-Based Songs and Stories for the Primary Classroom," NCTM Regional Conference, Helena, Montana, March 3, 1989.
"Make Primary Math Come Alive," NCTM Regional Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan, March 9, 1989.
"Helping Your Child in Mathematics," Parent's Night, New Hanover County, March 16, 1989.
"Twenty Ways to Take Away the Take-Away Blues," NCTM 67th Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, April 14, 1989.
"Recent Research on Pattern Perception," SIG/AERA, Orlando, Florida, April 12, 1989.
Item writer:  Psychological Corporation.  Various projects, 1987-1989.
"Number Fact Mastery:  No Frustration Necessary," NCCTM, Raleigh, NC, October 12, 1989.
"Problem Solving Strategies for Primary People," NCCTM, Annual Conference, Raleigh, NC, October 13, 1989.
"Remediating Subtraction Woes," SCCTM, Annual Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC, November 3, 1989.
 "The President's Bookshelf," RCDPM Annual Conference, Washington, DC, February 12, 1990, and RCDPM Annual Conference, Pomona, CA, February 14, 1991.
 "Strategies Used by Second Grade Children to Solve Measurement and Partition Division Problems," RCDPM Annual Conference, Washington, DC, February 13, 1990.
"Probability for Primary People:  What, Why and How?", NCTM Regional Conference, Chattanooga, TN, March 16, 1990.
Keynote speaker:  Excellence in Primary Mathematics.  Exxon Conference, Nazareth College, Rochester, NY, March 24, 1990.
Keynote speaker:  Females + Mathematics = Exciting Careers Conference.  SUNY-Binghamton, April 7, 1990.
 "Using Writing to Develop Mathematical Concepts and Sharpen Mathematical Skills." (3-hour Curriculum Study session) NCTM 68th Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT April 19, 1990.
"Making Mathematics Meaningful in Grades 3-5," day-long workshop, Davidson County, NC, June 11-15, 1990.
"Improving Elementary Mathematics Instruction," Florida International University, day-long workshop, October 5, 1990.
"Pennywise Math Activities for Primary People," NCTM Regional Conference, Memphis, TN, November 9, 1990.
 "When Young Children Solve Division Problems, What Strategies Do They Use?", RCDPM Annual Conference, Pomona, CA, February 15, 1991.
 "Studying Statistics at the Intermediate Level:  A Change, A Challenge, A Choice."  NCTM Regional Meeting, South Bend, IN, March 15, 1991.
"A Number Song Sing-A-Long."  NCTM 69th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, April 19, 1991.
NC Panel: Presidential Awards Program for Excellence in Mathematics, 1991.
Consultant: NC Teams Project, June 10-14, 1991.
"Using Manipulatives," J.C. Roe School, September 25, 1991.
 "Making Real World Connections with Graphing, Estimation and Problem Solving," NCTM Regional Meeting, Louisville, KY, October 17, 1991.
"Number Fact Mastery Through Stories, Songs and Games," NCTM Regional Meeting, Baltimore, MD, October 31, 1991.
"Making Numbers Make Sense," NCTM Regional Meeting, Nashua, NH, November 22, 1991.
"Making the LA Connection," Missouri State Meeting, Columbia, MO, December 6, 1991.
"Making Connections to Mathematics," Keynote address, St. Louis Council of Teachers of Mathematics, January 20, 1992.
"Writing in the Middle Grades Classroom," NCTM National Conference, Nashville, TN, April 3, 1992.
"Using the K-6 Addenda Booklets in Your Classroom," NCTM National Conference, Nashville, TN, April 3, 1992.
"Low Cost/No Cost Problem Solving Activities," NCTM Regional Meeting, Columbus, OH, September 25, 1992.
"Mastering Those Multiplication Tables through Stories, Songs and Games," NCCTM Annual Meeting, Raleigh, NC, October 15, 1992.
"Building Number Sense in Grades K-4," NCTM Regional Meeting, Little Rock, AK, November 12, 1992.
"Using Songs and Games to Help Children Learn Math Concepts," New Hanover County AEYC, February 6, 1993.
"Alternative Assessment Techniques," Thematic Session, RCDPM Annual Meeting, Melbourne, FL, February 12, 1993.
"Making Sense of Numbers," NCTM Regional Meeting, Columbus, GA, March 12, 1993.
"Singing Number Songs:  A Way to Involve All Children," NCTM National Conference, Seattle, WA, April 2, 1993.
"Number Sense for Pennies," NCCTM Annual Conference, Greensboro NC, October 1, 1993.
"Singing Number Songs,"  NCAEYC Annual Study Conference, Greensboro NC, October 8, 1993.
"Striving for Excellence in the Mathematics Community,"  NCAEYC Annual Study Conference, Greensboro, NC, October 8, 1993.
"Mastering the Multiplication Tables," Georgia State Mathematics Conference, Rock Eagle, GA, October 15, 1993.
"Making Numbers Made Sense," Georgia State Mathematics Conference, Rock Eagle, GA, October 15, 1993.
"Number Fact Mastery Without Tears," NCTM Regional Conference, Pittsburgh PA, October 29, 1993.
"Write On!", STEAM Conference, Texarkana, TX, February 18, 1994.
"A Math Song Sing-Along," STEAM Conference, Texarkana, TX, February 19, 1994.
"Mathematics and Music:  A Harmonious Connection", NCTM Regional Conference, Richmond, Virginia, February 26, 1994.
Featured speaker, Harcourt Brace National Sales Meeting, San Antonio, TX, July 7, 1994.
 Keynote address: Teachers, Textbooks and the NCTM Standards, Mississippi Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Tupelo, September 23, 1994.
"Kindergarten Activities from the Addenda Series," NCCTM, Charlotte, NC,  October 7, 1994.
"First Grade Activities from the Addenda Series," NCCTM, Charlotte, NC, October 7, 1994.
"Constructing Mathematical Ideas," Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Denver, October 14, 1994.
"A Happy Connection: Math and Music," NCTM Regional Conference, Charleston, WV, November 5, 1994.
 "Low Cost/No Cost Ideas for Math Activities," Coastal Area Association for the Education of Young Children, Wilmington, NC, January 14, 1995.
"Making Numbers Make Sense," NCTM Regional Meeting, Birmingham, AL, February 10, 1995.
"Math--Something to Talk About, Something to Sing About," North Carolina Day Care Conference, April 22, 1995.
Mathematics Institute, a function of The National Faculty, El Paso, Texas, June 1-30, 1995.
"TLC - Talking, Listening and Connecting," NCCTM state conference, Greensboro, NC, September  21, 1995.
"Helping Children Develop Number Sense," NCTM regional meeting, Knoxville, TN, October 7, 1995.
Luncheon Address.  Arkansas Teachers of Mathematics, Little Rock, Arkansas, November 2, 1995.
"Number Sense," Burgaw Elementary School faculty, Burgaw, NC, November 9, 1995.
"Teaching Mathematics Well," Mary C. Washington Howe School faculty, Wilmington, NC, November 10, 1995 and January 31, 1996.
Round table discussion, Caring for Children Conference, UNCW Campus, February 3, 1996.
Discussion leader: Math Methods Course Development, RCDPM Annual Conference, Melbourne, FL, February 29, 1996.
Two workshops for the Lincoln Primary School Faculty, UNCW Campus, February 19, 1996.
"Developing Number Sense in Grade K-4," NCTM Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, April 27, 1996.
"Building Bridges to Numbers, NCTM Regional Conference," Kansas City, KS, October 12, 1997.
"Developing Number Sense," FCTM Regional Conference, Daytona Beach, FL, October 19, 1997.
"Penny-wise Ways to Develop Number Concepts," NCTM Regional Conference, Albuquerque, NM, November 23, 1997.
 "Helping Children Reach the Not-Impossible Dream: Multiplication," NCTM Regional Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, February 22, 1997.
"Play Your Way to Number Fact Mastery," Minneapolis, MN, April 20, 1997.
"Teaching Problem Solving," the National Faculty School Improvement Project, East Tallahatchie, MS, May 5-6, 1997.
"A Number Song Sing Along," NCTM Regional Meeting, Rochester, NY, May 23, 1997.
"Teaching the NCTM Standards," two day-long workshops, Grade 1-6 teachers, Woodland Hills, PA, August 7-8, 1997.
"Button, Button: Who's Got the Button?," NC Day Care Association, Eastern Regional Conference, UNCW, October 11, 1997.
"Helping Children Develop Number Sense," NCTM Meeting, Rockville, MD, October 24, 1997.
"Math: Make it Count," Cape Fear Community College, Wilmington, NC, November 13, 1997.
"Number Sense Through Stories, Games and Songs," NCTM Regional Meeting, Cleveland, November 7, 1997.
 "Exploring the Math in Children's Literature" and "Past Practices in the Preparation of Teachers of Math," RCDPM Annual Meeting, College Park, MD, February 20, 1998.
"Exploring the Math in Children's Literature," NCCTM Eastern Regional Meeting, UNCW, March 13, 1998.
"Button, Button: A Thematic Approach to Early Childhood Math," NCTM Annual Meeting, Washington DC, April 2, 1998.
Member: Research Committee of the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1994-1996.
External Reviewer, Tenure Committee for Faculty Member at Iowa State University, 1998.
Reviewer, NCTM draft of Principles and Standards, December 1998.
Weeklong Workshop on Problem Solving in Math, University of Guam, May 3-8, 1998.
"Number Sense for Little Folks", NCTM Meeting, Little Rock, Arkansas, October 30, 1998.
"Making Sense of Numbers", Russell Elementary School, Camp LeJeune, NC, January 14, 1999.
"Using Coins to Develop Number Sense", NCTM Meeting, Charlotte, NC February 3, 1999.
"Avoiding and Reducing Math Anxiety",PTA State Meeting, UNCW Campus, April 30, 1999.
Best Practices Seminar, Clay County, Florida, June 14, 1999.
Ad Hoc consultation with Graduate and Undergraduate students from UNCW and other universities (1980-present.)
Presentations at UNCW in Education, Mathematics, English, and Psychology classes.
 Reviewer, various books: Merrill, Prentice-Hall, Simon and Schuster, Wadsworth, Allyn and Bacon, and Longman Publishing Companies

Representative Departmental and University Service (since 1978)

Faculty Senate (1978-1981, 1992-1996)
         Vice President (1980-1981)
         Steering Committee (1992-1996)
Graduate Admissions Committee (1978-1982), Chair (1979-1981)
Departmental Retention, Promotion and Tenure Criteria Committee, Chair (1979-1980)
Composition Competency Committee (1978-1979)
Federal Compliance Committee (1978-1981), Chair (1979-1981)
Ad Hoc Committee on Non-traditional Students (1979-1981)
Program Development Committee for M.A. in Special Education (1981-1984)
Education Forum Committee Chair (1980-1982)
Departmental Representative, Computer Advisory Committee (1981-1983)
Graduate Comprehensive Examination Coordinator (1982-87, 1988-90)
School of Education Research Presentation Committee (1983-84)
Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Writing Across the Curriculum (1982-84)
Bookstore Advisory Committee (1983-86)
School of Education Curriculum Committee (1983-87)
University Committee on the Evaluation of Administrators (1984-87)
MAT Steering Committee (1985-87)
Graduate Administrative Board (1985-87)
MA (Mathematics) Steering Committee (1985-87)
Grade Appeals Committees, 1982, 1986, 1988, 1994
Teacher Education Council (1987-88,1996-Present)
Elementary Education Program Coordinator (1989-1996)
Retreat Planning Committee/Agenda Committee (1989-91)
SACS Library Committee (1990-91)
Long Range Planning Committee (1989-91)
Writing Expectations Committee (1990-91)
Mentor for Teaching Fellows (1989-93)
Director UNCW Junior/Senior Teaching Fellows Program, 1991-92
School of Education Faculty Development Committee (1990)
Parking Appeals Committee (1990-1994) (1996-1998)
Chancellor's Advisory Committee (1992-1995)
Watson School of Education Dean's Council (1992-present)
NCATE Writing Team Coordinator (Mathematics 6-9, 9-12; Elementary Education) 1994-95
Center for Teaching Excellence (1992-1995)
Editorial Board CTE Newsletter (1992-1995)
NCATE Folio Review Team for Mathematics, Reston, VA., (May 13-15, 1994)
Coordinator of Freshman Seminars (1994-1995)
Leadership Advisory Council (1994-1995)
Teaching Excellence Award Committees (1991-1995)
Recipient of "Significant person at the University" letter each semester (1990-present)
Assistive Technology Committee (1996-present)
CMC Advisory Committee (1996-present)
Dean's Council (1995-present)
UNCW Hearings Panel (1995-97)
Master of Liberal Arts Planning Committee (1997-1998)
Library Committee (1996-1999)
Co-Principal Investigator, Job Ready Grant (1998-1999)

Civic and Community Service (since 1978)

Workshop:  "Helping the Child in Mathematics," Wilmington Volunteer Association, September 20, 1978.
"Can We Have It All?" Women's Opportunity Workshop, YMCA, Wilmington, North Carolina, September 23, 1978.
"Math Anxiety:  Causes and Cures," UNCW Forum, Wilmington Star-News, January 7, 1979.
"Comprehensive Planning," New Hanover Council on the Status of Women, January 15, 1979.
"Planning for Change," QED unit, General Electric, March 23, 1979.
Workshop for Day Care Teachers, UNCW campus, February 6, 1979.
Presentations to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Wilmington:
 October 8, 1978    January 27, 1980  March 31, 1985
 February 4, 1979    March 23, 1980   February 9, 1986
 March 18, 1979    August 8, 1983   September 21, 1986

Speaker, Governor's Conference on Leadership Development for Women, March 10, 1979.
 "Creative Risk-Taking," (week-long workshop) Southeastern Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute, July 26-30, 1982.  Repeated by request: July 24-28, 1983, July 22-26, 1984, July 21-26, 1985, July 28-August 2, 1986, July 27-August 1, 1987, July 24-28, 1988, July 24-28, 1989, July 25-29, 1990, July 22-26, 1991, July 21-29, 1992, July 26-30, 1993, July 25-29, 1994, July 28- August 1, 1997, July 27-August 1, 1998, July 26-30, 1999.
"On Thought in Harness," Business and Professional Women's Association of New Hanover County, May 7, 1979.
"In My Crystal Ball, I see...," YWCA, Wilmington, North Carolina, January 28, 1980.
"Being Your Own Best You," Governor's Leadership Conference, Wilmington, North Carolina, March 1, 1980.
"Helping Children Learn Mathematics," Delta Sorority, Wilmington, North Carolina, March 23, 1980.
"Women and Mathematics:  Why So Few?" UNCW NOW, September 30, 1980.
Active member:  Peaceworks (1980-84).
"Math Can Be Fun," Jim Burns Show, Wilmington, North Carolina, January 11, 1983.
Organizer and Cast Member, Women's History Day Presentation of Tillie Olson's "I Stand Here Ironing," March 23, 1983.
Consultant to the U.S. Commission on Mathematical Instruction sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences (1983-84).
Member, UNCW Mathematics/Science Education Center Board (1984-87).
"Breaking Through Blindspots," an eight-hour workshop, UU Fellowship, Wilmington, NC, January-February, 1987.
"Helping Children Understand Mathematics," Workshop for New Hanover County Volunteers, November 8, 1988.
Reader, Dwight Eisenhower Grants (1988-91).
Interview:  WAAV radio, August 28, 1991.
Consultant to the  Wilmington AAUW Sex Equity Project.
Speaker: UNCW Freshman Honor Society Dinner, October 6, 1991.
Block Chairperson:  March of Dimes, 1992; American Diabetes Association, 1993.
Stonesthrow Homeowners Association Board, 1993-1995.
Judge for the YWCA Women of Achievement Awards, 1994, 1996.
Writer and editor, Treasure Coast Study Guide, Spring 1996.
Assisted a former student on an article to be submitted for publication, Summer, 1996.
Interviewed by The Discovery Channel regarding the research on student perception of scientists,  Summer, 1996.
Mathematics/Literature Connection, inservice presentation, Forest Hills Elementary School March 18, 1997.
Assisted two teachers from Alderman with an article submitted to Teaching Children Mathematics, Spring, 1997.
 Provided teacher editions and other mathematics materials to New Hanover County teachers who had lost materials during the hurricane and during a fire, Fall, 1997.
Director Selection Committee Member, Teen Family Development Program, Southport, NC, Fall, 1997.
Participant, Campus Move-In Day, 1997, 1998, 1999.
"Helping Children Explore Math," Foster Grandparents Group, New Hanover County Senior Citizen Center, June 16, 1998.

Courses Taught, University of North Carolina at Wilmington


EDN 200          Teacher, School and Society
EDN 322          The Teaching of Mathematics Grades (K-4)
EDN 323          The Teaching of Mathematics Grades (4-9)
EDN 408/410  Instructional Methods
EDN 409/411  Practicum in Education
EDN 412          Extended Practicum
EDN 491          Independent Study
EDN 495          Exploring the Cultural Arts
EDN 499          Honors Work in Education
GCAC 101      Freshman Seminar


EDN 542         The Teaching of Mathematics (K-8)
EDN 546         Diagnosis and Remediation in Mathematics
EDN 591         Independent Study
EDN 594         Special Topics in Education
EDN 595         Seminar in Education:  Current Issues in Education
EDN 595C     Teaching Mathematics Using COMP

 Fall 1977      Spring 1978      Fall 1978      Spring 1979
 EDN 200      EDN 200           EDN 200      EDN 200
 EDN 322      EDN 322           EDN 322      EDN 322
 EDN 409      EDN 409           EDN 409      EDN 542

 Fall 1979      Spring 1980      Fall 1980      Spring 1981
 EDN 200      EDN 322           EDN 200      EDN 322
 EDN 322      EDN 323           EDN 322      EDN 323
 EDN 409      EDN 491           EDN 323      EDN 491
                       EDN 542           EDN 499      EDN 499
                                                                         EDN 542

 Fall 1981      Spring 1982      Fall 1982      Spring 1983             Summer 1983
 EDN 200       EDN 200           EDN 200      EDN 322                   EDN 546
 EDN 322(1)  EDN 322           EDN 322      EDN 323
 EDN 322(2)  EDN 323           EDN 409      EDN 499
 EDN 595c     EDN 542           EDN 491      EDN 542(2)
                                                                          EDN 595(2)

 Fall 1983      Spring 1984      Fall 1984      Spring 1985             Summer 1985
 EDN 322      EDN 322           EDN 322      EDN 322                   EDN 542
 EDN 323      EDN 323           EDN 323      EDN 542
 EDN 595      EDN 542           EDN 408      FIP/M Grant
 FIP/M Grant  EDN 591           EDN 595
                        FIP/M Grant      FIP/M Grant

 Fall 1985      Spring 1986      Fall 1986      Spring 1987
 EDN 322      EDN 322           EDN 322       EDN 322
 EDN 323      EDN 323           EDN 323       EDN 546
 EDN 595      EDN 542           EDN 411       EDN 411
 FIP/M Grant  EDN 591           EDN 595       EDN 491
                        FIP/M Grant

 Fall 1987      Spring 1988      Fall 1988      Spring 1989             Summer 1989
 EDN 322(1)  EDN 322          On Leave      On Leave                  EDN 491
 EDN 322(2)  EDN 410          EDN 542
 EDN 323       EDN 542
 EDN 410

 Fall 1989      Spring 1990      Fall 1990      Spring 1991
 EDN 322      EDN 322           EDN 322      EDN 322
 EDN 410      EDN 410           EDN 410      EDN 410
 EDN 546      EDN 542           EDN 411      EDN 412
 EDN 591      EDN 591           EDN 530      EDN 546
                       EDN 594           EDN 591      EDN 591
                                                                         EDN 594

 Fall 1991          Spring 1992          Summer 1992      Fall 1992             Spring 1993
 EDN 322-01      EDN 322              EDN 322              EDN 322              EDN 322
 EDN 322-02      EDN 410                                            EDN 323              EDN 410
 EDN 410            EDN 411                                            EDN 410              EDN 546
 EDN 411            EDN 542                                            EDN 530
 EDN 530

 Fall 1993          Spring 1994          Fall 1994              Spring 1995
 EDN 322          GCAC 101           GCAC 101           GCAC 101
 EDN 410          EDN 322              EDN 322              EDN 322
 EDN 411          EDN 410              EDN 410              EDN 410
 EDN 530          EDN 411              EDN 530              EDN 411

 Fall 1995          Spring 1996      Summer 1996*      Fall 1996*             Spring 1997*
 UNI 292           EDN 322              EDN 322              EDN 322                  EDN 411
 EDN 322         EDN 411                                            EDN 530
 EDN 411         EDN 412
 EDN 412         EDN 542
 EDN 530         EDN 591

 Fall 1997*      Spring 1998*      Summer 1998*      Fall 1998*             Spring 1999*
 EDN 530         EDN 410              EDN 412              EDN 410               EDN 410
                          EDN 495                                             EDN 495              EDN 414
                          EDN 530                                             EDN 530              EDN 530
                                                                                       EDN 591(2)          (Onslow)
                                                                                                                      EDN 591(2)

 Summer 1999*      Fall 1999*
 EDN 412 (2)          EDN 410
 EDNL 322              EDN 414
                                 EDN 530

 *Chair, Department of Curricular Studies

     Recipient, UNCW Board of Trustees Teaching Excellence Award, 1991.
     Director UNCW Junior/Senior Teaching Fellows Program, 1991-92.
     Recipient, Distinguished Teaching Professorship, 1992.
     Recipient, YWCA Woman of Achievement Award in Education, 1993.