EDN 411 Practicum (K-6, 6-9, Special Education)

Course Description

A full-time practicum experience within the area of specialization. Students will engage in a variety of supervised instructional activities, assuming an increasing amount of responsibility for all phases of classroom instruction.


Practicum Semester Handbook, Donald R. Watson School of Education (Revised, July, 1997).


During the course the student will:

Demonstrate academic and professional knowledge and its application in a classroom and school setting.

Generate appropriate classroom management strategies.

Demonstrate competence in long range, short range, and daily planning.

Demonstrate competence in organizing and managing the classroom.

Demonstrate competence in meeting the needs of all learners and in the related record keeping procedures.

Demonstrate competence in teaching all curriculum areas including the cultural arts and physical education.

Generate appropriate evaluation strategies and use them to guide student growth.

Demonstrate effective communication behaviors with children and adults.

Demonstrate personal and professional attributes appropriate to the role of teacher.

Demonstrate application of NC computer skills assessment.

Demonstrate use of computer-based and other technologies effectively and appropriately to collect information about student learning.

Adopt strategies for classroom management and organization that support active student involvement, inquiry, and collaboration.

Demonstrate use of media and computer-based technology to address differences in children's learning and performance.

Demonstrate use of media and computer-based technology to support learning for children with special needs.

Demonstrate use of appropriate local, state, and national services or resources to meet diverse learning needs through computer-based technology.

Ensure equal access to media and technology resources for all students.


The student will complete the following requirements:

Participation in all related classroom and selected school and school system events beginning with the first day of placement and ending with the last day of placement at the teaching site.

2. Successful full-time teaching for a minimum of six weeks.

3. Observation and/or participation in at least two (2) grade levels.

Adherence to the UNCW Honor Code. A copy of the code is included in the Practicum Semester


Course Grading

Grades in student teaching may range from F to A as shown in the UNCW catalog. They are based on the exit criteria shown in the Practicum Semester Handbook and the related rubric and are determined through joint conferences with the partnership teacher and the university supervisor. The final decision concerning the grade is made by the university supervisor.

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